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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Spiritual bathing is an old spiritual practice that combines elements of different properties, such as roots, herbs, minerals, in conjunction with particular times for a desired result. Spiritual baths can be used for protection, abundance, drawing, attraction, love drawing, sweetness, self power, opening roads and a plethora of things to align you on your spiritual path.

To boost or heighten your spiritual baths old hoodoo tradition says to take into consideration aligning with moon phases and days of the week (and time for more advance baths), so if you wanted to do a bath for abundance drawing and money, for maximum effects (we'll get into the phases on another post) you would attempt to align it on a Thursday Jupiter day, Thursday being a Harvest and expansion day, at sunrise as sunrise draws in, in conjunction with the waxing moon phase for maximum effects. You can also align your spell-work with certain moon-phases, hours and time for maximum effect. In addition to spiritual baths being used to draw in, they can also be used to remove and banish out all that doesn't serve you. In this particular post we'll be discussing how one can cleanse themselves to rid their mind, bodies and souls of negative energy.