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Each of the 12 zodiac constellations/archetypes, help us to align even closer with certain elements, that develop and enhance our progression on earth and working with these elements/awareness surrounding them helps to push our understanding of our unique life path and pattern even farther.

Taurus = Values/

Capricorn = Goals/

Virgo = Process/

The EARTH Triad.

Capricorn = goals & discipline. Where do we want ti go in life and how are we going to achieve those tangible goals. What structure do we need in our lives in order to win & thrive. Should we really be partying or putting in the extra work for that presentation ? How much are we putting in behind our goals, idealizations and creations.

Virgos thrive in process. Hence their naturally alignment to process oriented jobs, where Libras idealize, Virgo thrives in the HOW and process of getting there. Making the energy impeccable when you need help processing the how behind your goals.

Taurus = Morality. The bull pushes through and works for what they wasn't.

Together they symbolize the ability to ground ideas, self image, self values and “manifestations” in the psychical. Hence their natural proximity to success. An idea is nothing more than that. An idea. The proximity to actually ground those thing into the psychical reality comes with the assistance of these three signs. Work with the archetype to help you when you need more discipline, when you need more structure, when you need to use your morality/values to conquer ahead in life.

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