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all things exist in balance, in polarity,

up / down

left / right

man /woman

yes /no

night /day

sun /moon

rich /poor

black / white

the matrix and 3D realm is a space of duality, that allows us to experience life through its dual forms of conscious existence, we're constantly experiencing the duality that life has to present in nature, and everyday life experiences, the beginning of awakening starts with an awareness of the duality life is presenting to us on a daily and how as transformative, transcendent beings we transmute/ the roles of dualistic being into more spiritual alchemical states.

"in the beginning there was darkness & god said let there be light. & there was light"

darkness & lightness exist on the same polarity of energetic particles, one doesn't outweigh the other, one isn't more important than the other, they both exist on the same frequency as balanced polarities. how you use that energy is precisely up to you, the more negativity your energy accurses the more you tip the energetic scales of negativity, the more good you do the more good you attract. Time has no existence within the weight of karma, one can be experiencing negative cycles from past lives.

how you use energy is precisely up to you and within the realms of your free will to do, but all things have and will continue to exist in multitude. 3D realm allows us to see polarity and separation as a hindrance towards our exsistence.

the first number is two because It is the first multitude, It's measured by no other number or unity scale alone, the number two is the first beach of unity and the first of procreation; "two shall become one flesh"

awareness of polarities in our human exsistence is the first step in the alchemist journey towards more open esoteric knowledge, 3D realm allows us to see polarity and separation as a hindrance towards our exsistence, but embracing higher awareness allows us to see ourselves not as separated beings but connected as one. energy all returns to the source.

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